Corporate philosophy

Building better lives for our employees and a better world for all

Our mission is to be a company that adds to the growth and enrichment of our employees as well as the community at large.

At the heart of our corporate foundation lies a philosophy that is not only reflected in our mission but is the driving force that moves us forward to reach our goals and is at work in everything we do.

Today the world finds itself at a crossroads where society, industry, and the economy stand on uncharted territory. Grounded by our firm philosophical foundation, we see new opportunities on the horizon ahead where we can build a brighter future for all.

People now expect more from the business community than ever before.

It's no longer enough to just make great products and be law abiding corporate citizens.

Companies today really have to care about the communities where they operate and work with an eye to doing everything from protecting the environment as well as labor and human rights to engaging in risk management, community outreach, and more.

Our corporate philosophy really reflects the kind of socially and environmentally responsible corporate partner people today are seeking.

That's why every one of us at Oshino is taking that philosophy to heart as we join hands to help build a better world for all.