1.Carbon Products

Artificial graphite, anthracite, pitch coke, CDQ coke, carbon blocks for cinder notches, carbon bricks, carbon coolers, stirrers

2.Refining Materials, Deoxidizers, Refining Filters, Deslagging Agents

Aluminum dross, aluminum briquettes, aluminum ingots, aluminum wire,silicon carbide, fluorite, quicklime, hydrated lime, pumice, slag anti-dusting and anti-foaming agents

3.Furnace Repairing Materials

Olivine sand, sea bittern, magnesia clinkers, raw dolomite, dolomite clinkers, soft burnt dolomite, spraying materials, firebricks, refractory mortar, ceramic fiber

4.Iron Alloys

Ferrosilicon, ferromangan, ferrochrome, silicon carbide, silicon mangan

5.Non-metallic Materials

Copper nuggets, stripped copper wire, recycled ingots for aluminum casting and aluminum die casting

6.Rare Metals

Metallic titanium, metallic molybdenum, electrolytic nickel, metallic cobalt, metallic tungsten, metallic chromium, metallic manganese

7.Molding Materials

Silicate soda, silica sand, bentonite, corn starch, coal powder, anti-piping compounds

8.Casting Surface Polishing Materials

Shot, grit, cut wire, surface polisher supplies, glass beads

9.Other Foundry Materials, Tools and Supplies

Forced stopper for steelmaking, canola oil, insulating materials for steelmaking, cups for measuring carbon/silicon content, thermocouples, nozzle fillers, electrolytic iron, CDQ coke, carburizers, fluorite, 1-kg recycled aluminum ingots